Cyatho Winery

After a detailed analysis of a group of vineyards aged between 25 and 30 years old, we have selected the 100,000 kilograms of 100% verdejo grapes which best represent the specific characteristics of this region. Through a cold fermentation and the search for the perfect balance of aromas, acidity, body and fullness on the palate, we are proud to offer our first VERDEJO SUPERIOR CYATHO.

Wines: Cyatho Verdejo - DO Rueda

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Wine tourism

The Rueda Denomination of Origin, a vine-growing area, is ideally located and has a lot to offer those who wish to visit it. It is comprised of 72 townships located to the south of Valladolid, west of Segovia and north of Ávila.

The character of this Denomination is defined by three elements which produce top quality wines; distinct and with a strong personality:

  • Grape variety: Verdejo, a native variety which produces fresh, pleasant and balanced wines which invite you to continue savouring it.
  • Climate: Scarce rains, strong contrasts of temperature between night and day and spring frosts which result in a small but high quality production.
  • Soils: gravelly, with good aeration and drainage.

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